The Gathering

The 2016 Gathering will take place November 4,5&6 at The Fort William Henry Hotel and Conference Center, Lake George NY. (  We will have classes with Patsy Zawistoski, Beth Smith, Jillian Moreno , Alana Wilcox, Donna Kay , Cal Patch and Jane Woodhouse.   Spin ins on Friday and Saturday nights, vendors for your shopping fun.  We hope you will join us!

Northeast Handspinners Association would like to thank the following businesses for their support:
Battenkill Fibers & Spinning Mill Greenich NY
The Woolery Frankfort KY
New England Felting Supply East Hampton MA
Schacht Spindle Company

Vendors at The Gathering will be:  Battenkill Fibers&Spinning Mill, Adele Michelsen, Port Fiber-Caey Ryder, Savage Heart Farm-Peggy Allen, The Spinning Studio-Robin Russo, A Touch of Twist

Anyone who would like a copy of The Gathering brochure please contact me at and I will email one right out to you.

Please note: In order to keep our class fees low, we require anyone attending to register for classes.

The class fee for 2016 will be members $135, non members $150 for 9 hrs of classes( 6 hrs Saturday 3hrs Sunday)
Refund Policy: Full refund prior to August 1st,70% prior to October 1st                      no refund after October 1st

The meal plan will be $143 for 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners
Anyone who lives close enough to commute may purchase a
commuters meal plan for $110, 2 lunches and 2 dinners. The meal plans are optional.

We have 2 options for accommodations

The Premium East Wing for $89 per night

The Grand Hotel for $109 per night

Please note there is there is no elevator in the Premium East

If you can not use stairs you will need to book a room in the Grand Hotel
or on the first floor of the Premium East
1 800 234 0267

Classes with Openings   [also see the Northeast Handspinners Facebook page for photos]

Saturday All Day Classes 6 hrs

How to Spin a Hand Painted Roving 12+Ways – Alanna Wilcox

This workshop analyzes how rovings are hand painted and how the fiber can be spun in 12+ ways to yield different color combinations in the final yarn. The focus will be on color and how to achieve beautiful color results instead of mud. Stitch variation in knitting will also be discussed. Materials Fee: $15

The Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing – Jane Woodhouse

One day intensive dye workshop using natural dye extracts. We will begin with a short discussion of dye theory and then dye in a gradiated series using 4-5 dye extracts and a natural ferment indigo vat to create a pallet of colors. Students will produce approximately 75 color samples. Each student will receive a comprehensive dye notebook with workshop instructions as well as notes for working on your own. Included in the notebook will be a set of dye samples produced in class.

Materials Fee: $25

Cotton: The Handspinner’s Last Great Frontier – Patsy Zawistoski

Take charge; don’t feel intimidated by cotton anymore. This notoriously short fiber is easily tamed and mastered by changing a few simple techniques. Cotton is always soft, easy care, washable and machine dryable. It’s a great yarn for weaving, crochet and lacy knits. It is available in a variety of natural colors, and preparations. Learn how to gin, card and prepare a puni – the perfect short fiber spinning package. Materials Fee: $20.00

Saturday Morning Workshops 3hrs

Twined (or Two End) Knitting – Donna Kay

This unique Scandinavian knitting technique (tvaandsstickning in Sweden and tvebandsstickning in Norway) is created by “twining” 2 strands of the same yarn as you work producing a dense, warm, flexible double fabric. The patterns created are unlike any other in knitting. Learn the techniques such as 2 color cast on, “hook stitches”, as you knit a pair of wrist warmers. Chart symbols and 2 color braid will be covered.

Skill level: open to all with basic knitting skills.

Materials Fee: $5

Pattern Drafting for Knitters – Cal Patch

Whether you plan to knit, crochet or sew a garment for yourself (or anyone else), the first step is determining the unique size, shape and proportion of the body you wish to clothe. Like snowflakes, none of us are exactly alike, and not until we assess our actual dimensions can we begin to achieve the goal of perfect fit! Cal will show you how to properly take your measurements and use them to draft a sloper (simple pattern) for your personal fit profile. Think of it like a life-size schematic, which you can refer to as you knit from a pattern, or while designing your own! We will also discuss the concept of ease, both positive and negative, and how it affects the end result. Understanding and taking control of these elements will allow you to create pieces that fit and flatter YOU.

Materials Fee: None


Saturday Afternoon Workshops. 3 hrs

Beginning Handspindle – Donna Kay

Come join us and learn the basics of spinning on a drop spindle. We will cover drafting, spinning, plying and finishing your yarns. If you do not have a spindle, one will be provided. No experience necessary! Spinning fibers will be provided. Proficiency Level: Open to all

Materials Fee: $5

Embroidery for Knit and Crochet – Cal Patch

It’s easy to embellish and personalize your knit or crochet projects with a touch of embroidery, taking them from simple to stunning! Cal will show you a variety of stitches, from simple to elaborate, that you can use to add some flair to anything you make.

Materials Fee: None

Color wheel Carding – Beth Smith

It’s all about getting the perfect color. We can do that simply with a little fiber and a pair of hand cards. We will begin with just the primary colors and black and white. We will learn how to adjust and blend just the right amount of these colors to make a wide range of colors for your projects. You will leave the class with more faith in your ability to use hand cards as well as knowledge of how to blend colors consistently for even the largest of projects. Materials Fee: $15

Sunday Morning Workshops  3 hrs

Knitting with Handspun – Donna Kay

Do you spin yarn and then try to decide what to knit? Not sure what to do with that special yarn? Whether your handspun or purchased yarn, Donna will give you an easy method for evaluating and determining the best uses for your wonderful, one of a kind yarns.

Proficiency Level: Open to all

Materials Fee: None

Crochet on the Edge – Cal Patch

Adding a crocheted yoke to the neckline of a T-shirt is a stunning way to upcycle, or make from scratch, unique and gorgeous garments! You will learn several ways to work directly into the edge, and then experiment with different crochet stitches to design your own statement piece. Students must be comfortable with the basic stitches (at least ch, sc and dc).

Materials Fee: None

Greener Indigo – Jane Woodhouse 

We will make a simple but very reliable indigo vat using ingredients to get a fast fermentation vat up and running quickly. We will not be using lye, thiourea dioxide or sulfuric acid nor will we be inhaling toxic fumes from the vat. The strongest odor will be from the indigo itself. Instruction will include making and maintaining a healthy vat.

The class covers making a reliable natural vat that is not difficult to control. In addition we will produce samples of colors to overdye in the indigo.

Materials Fee: $10

Wool Spinners Tune Up – Patsy Zawistoski 

Can you spin and ply wool but still don’t understand how to best use the features of your wheel or how it is different from other wheels. Here’s a class filled with hints, how-tos, why-fors, and techniques. Learn about the types of wheels, drive ratios, take-up issues and maintenance hints. A quick review of various wool preparations, drafting, and plying techniques will finish out this important class. Come with your wheel, tools and questions.

Materials Fee: $12 includes fiber to spin, booklets, worksheets, incidentals